Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Month's Treat!

Yum Yum ART Presents Local Artist:

Miss Molly Roberts!
She's a painter, writer, fluent sketcher, comic book illustrator, book artist, musician, blogger, craft machine, event planner, decorator, daily worshiper, and a full time working class citizen on top of all this glory. 
You must check out below what this goddess is up to, it's more than worth your time.  

Lets start with Paintings and Drawings!

In Progress Sail Ship Warrior Woman
Exploding into Infinity
mixed media

watercolor sketch

"And Nothing Pleased Her Better"
oil on masonite 60" x 80"

"Morrigan" oil on canvas 30" x 40"

"Leslie as Ophelia"

"She Doesn't Care If You're Special"
oil on canvas 30" x 40"

"The Spark" oil on canvas
40" x 30"

watercolor sketch

"Eater" oil on canvas 40" x 30"

"And She Ruined Them One By One"
charcoal wash on board 80" x 60"

"Ophelia" oil on canvas

"Morrigan II" charcoal wash on board
40" x 90"


"Study for Kali" charcoal wash on board
30" x 40"

watercolor sketch

"Wasting" charcoal on board 80" x 40"

Molly Throw's Bitchin' Parties, 
Organizes Kick Ass Events and is the 
Founder of Drippy Lip Productions.
Drippy Lip Productions IS: a network of artist's that collaborate, connect, support and promote each other's projects (exhibitions, concerts, gatherings, etc.)
They Bring You Events Like This Up and Coming One, In Which You Should Attend!

Also, at the Oct. 8th. Barn Owl Bally Hoo there will be Creepy Crafts for sale by 
MANY A local artist!
Here's a sneak peak at some of Molly's handmade creepy craft goodies

Dia De Los Muertos Inspired
Terrifying Music Box

Frida Flutterby, votive to Frida Khalo

Star Goddess, watercolor

 Not only is Molly Roberts the organizer for this Barn Owl Bally Hoo, and one of the artists' making creepy crafts AND One of the Illustrators for a Comic Book That Will Be Available at The Show -->

She ALSO is in TWO of the bands playing that night! The Famous Graves (Gyspy Jazz, Cabaret, Power Lounge) and Buffalo Cody (Arty Alt. Folk, Country) (i sing in this one ;)
This Woman is Unstoppable.

Lady's Reading This...
Do you like to be positive and get inspired?
Read and Watch How To Tutorials?
Hear Stories, Share Stories?
Get Into Your Zen?
Then You Should Most Definitely Check Out Molly's Blog Site
It brings great joy!

You Could Die Tomorrow
Make Art Today!