Thursday, June 23, 2011

July Month's Treat!

Yum Yum Art Presents Local Artist:

Miss Rachel Kitty Lorbach:

Funsy Sketches!
Miss Cherry

Cupcake Party! Yum!

Miss Summer

Old BEST Friends!

Miss Smokey Jane

Hungry, Homeless, and Angry

1970's Medusa: Mrs. Bowie

Kitty makes Jewerly TOO!!!! 
You want a pair of banana earings?? She'll make em! Want an ice cream cone necklace?? She'll make it! 
Solid Peach Diamond Earrings
Dead Cheetah Earrings  

100k Pink diamonds

Pretty Gal Earrings 

Kitty is the darn funniest gal you'll meet on these streets.
She rocks bright green sparkly eye paint
She miss-matches better than anyone
Her favorite food is barbeque sauce
She won 1st Place in an Almond Milk chugging contest
And she can draw funny cartoons that are quoting nonsensical things at the drop of a hat!
ChecK out her SITES! Follow her! Buy her stuff! You WON'T regret it! She'll update you with ridiculous shit!

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Her Speak said...

fucking. awesome. :)